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How I Style 'BOYFRIEND JEANS' - Spring/ Summer

A while ago I wrote a tweet 'I need a boyfriend to borrow his jeans'... Well I still don't have the boyfriend but I have the jeans! 

Boyfriend jeans have suddenly become a key trend this spring/ summer. I am constantly seeing Tumblr and Instagram posts of girls wearing the jeans looking £1000 but the thing is.. they probably are wearing £1000. This is what sparked the idea to film a video on how I style my boyfriend jeans, taking inspiration from pictures I see and my personal style. The key element to my video is I have not gone out and bought anything for it. All pieces in the video I have put together from my own wardrobe and some pieces I have had for a while.

My style reflects my mood. Sometimes I wake up and I want to dress in the slouchiest thing I can find, practically dressing my inner boy, and sometimes I wake up and I want to be Legally Blonde! I defiantly do not have one style and I wouldn't want to, because to me that would be too boring! Your style reflects you and the key element to any outfit is CONFIDENCE. 

Im going to give you a couple of quick tips on Boyfriend jeans from how to pick them, to how to style them. Check out my video, but also be sure to read the blog post below to read about my top tips! 


Ok so, when I knew I wanted a pair of Boyfriend Jeans I was on a mission. I defiantly did not go into one shop and buy the first pair I tried. No exaggeration I think may have tried on over 30 different pairs in different shops until I decided on one. To me there are two kinds of boyfriend jeans. 1) is the boyfriend jean which is for the girl who still wants to flatter her legs, and 2) is a real deal boyfriend jean, low rise and baggy! Now there is nothing wrong with number 1 it is great if you are scared to go out your comfort zone if your used to always wearing skinnies, its a great start. But a Boyfriend jean is meant to be baggy its why they are called Boyfriend jeans. Style wise I think the baggier boyfriend jean can look so fashion foreword. 

Here are my top tips for picking the right jean. 

1) The fit - Try on as many pairs as you can and pick the pair you feel the most confidence in. The more confidence you have the better they are going to look.

2) The wash - Now this is a personal preference, I suggest looking at pictures and seeing what washes draw your eye more. Also look in your wardrobe and see what colours you are working with when it comes to styling. Some colours look better with certain washes so prep before you buy. 

3) Dress your body - Everybody's body shape is different. A true Boyfriend jean should be low waisted but some people know its not flattering on their body shape. Pick your rise to what you feel comfortable in, your the one wearing them. 

4) Pick the pair that make you feel like those girls you see on Instagram and Tumblr. Like I said confidence is key, especially if this is a new style to you. 


To be fair you can wear what ever your heart desires, no one is stopping you! There is no right or wrong. 

My personal tips for styling are;

1) Balance your body - This is something I find helps me put my outfit together. Boyfriend jeans are baggy so they are covering up your leg shape. Sometimes if you pair them with a baggy top which covers your body shape and then flat shoes it can leave you feeling dumpy and not as good about yourself. For the top half I suggest concentrating on your body shape and wear tops which flatter your upper figure. For me Peplums are great as it accentuates my waist which is my smallest area. But you need to play around and see what works for you. But if you can pull off a baggy top and feel great in it then you do that, I know sometimes I defiantly do! 

2) Short or tall? - Now if your tall I envy you because Boyfriend jeans can be a walk in the park for you, as wearing flat shoes will not be a problem you have to face. Now if your short like me flat shoes can be a pain. The reason for this, is you want to wear them but when you look in the mirror (I know I do) you feel dumpy. It's not that you are dumpy its the fact the jeans are already hiding your leg shape, and its going to accentuate how short you are. My biggest advice is either wear a shoe with a slight heel to give your legs some length, or if you wear a flat shoe go back to my balancing tip! (Watch my video to see how I style converse)

3) Heels- This is simple pretty much ALL heels look amazing with boyfriend jeans. They lengthen your legs and just make any outfit look killer! 

4) Experiment - What I sometimes do is just play around in my wardrobe. Put things together you wouldn't normal do and just play with colours and textures and styles. I love mixing styles and you will see in my video, I love pairing casual items with more dressy items. Just play! 

5) Confidence - Iv'e said it so many times and I am going to say it again. Wear your outfit with CONFIDENCE. Trust me it changes your whole outfit. You could put together a great outfit, but if you don't wear it with confidence and walk with confidence, sorry, but it's not going to look as good. Iv'e learnt to wear what I want to wear, not what I think I should be wearing and at the end of the day you dress yourself and you choose what style you want to have. So trust your decisions and wear it with confidence. 

I hope you found this post helpful. I can't think if I have left anything out but if I have I will add to it. If you haven't already, check out my video where you can see me style Boyfriend Jeans. I take 3 outfits and transition them from day to night!  

Ivy x


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