Saturday, May 31, 2014


(My Excitement..)


So as you can tell I now have a new second channel! 'Ivy Rode Extra' -

The reason behind this new channel is besides music there are many other things I enjoy and other things I would like to make videos about. I didn't want to post these videos on my main channel as I am aware the majority of you just want to see my music related videos, so Ivy Rode Extra has been born! 

It is what the name says.. Extra videos of me! haha. I am off to LA next thursday and I will be trying to start vloging and I will be posting the vlogs to this new channel. I have many things planned so hopefully these vlogs will be pretty cool to do and something for me to look back on.  

Any vlog posts I will be linking to 'Rode's Road' on here (get it ;) haha).

Also expect random videos of what ever I desire! So far I have one lonely video up showing you how I style boyfriend jeans for this Spring/ Summer. If you haven't seen it yet check it out ... 

I have another video filmed and waiting to be edited! So a new video will be up sometime next week! So if you want to be sure to see it and you like the idea of this channel then please SUBSCRIBE!!

Ivy x


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