Thursday, May 15, 2014

Listening Too - One Republic

I don't really know where to start with this, besides the fact throughout april and may I have been loving One republic so much that I been been listening to them at least once everyday.. no exaggeration. 

It's kind of bitter sweet writing out how I have gained this love. Iv'e always liked their music but I never really looked into their albums and songs, I just knew the ones which had been in the charts. Now I want to kick myself because I wish I did I know them before this... 

On the 27th March I was lucky enough to be given tickets to go see them play at The Royal Albert Hall with my best friend. First of The Royal Albert Hall is literally one of the best venues I have been to in London, being there was an experience alone. Anyways I went and saw the show, the support act was Mikky Ekko (who I was also blown away by), his voice is beautiful live. Then One republic came on and I must say they exceeded my expectations. Their show as a whole was put together so well and there wasn't a dull moment. Ryan Tedder has now gone straight up my list of favourite songwriters, theres no other way to say it but in my opinion the man is a musical genius. Not only that but he is one the most talented artists I have seen live, his version of Apologise was just unreal, just him and a piano. Before I saw the show I heard opinions from others that his voice isn't the strongest live, but I completely disagree. Personally when I listen to music i'm not listening out to see if every note is reached, or how high someone can belt, or how well they can riff. If i'm honest with you those things don't impress me, when I listen to music I just liked it to be real and honest. Sometimes the simple things are more impressive. My weakness is a raw edge in someones voice, and this is exactly what Ryan Tedder has.

The next day after the show, the first thing I did was download their albums. It is very rare for me to like an entire album and for the longest time I have been saying 'I wish someone would write an album which has its highs and lows but is easy to listen to', well iv'e found it! There are too many songs I like but some of my top favourites are 'Burning Bridges' 'Something I need' 'Au Revoir' 'Can't stop' and 'I Lived'. 

I'm not going to go on anymore about them because I think you get it I like them! Ha. I highly recommend you check out their album and listen to the tracks which aren't in the charts! You can see why its bitter sweet now because I just wish I knew all these songs before I saw them live, because then it would of been extra amazing as I would have appreciated the songs more! Never mind because I will defiantly make sure I see them live again! 

I'm going to leave you with a cover I recently did of one of their more well known songs 'Good Life' Enjoy !

Ivy x


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