Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Let's Try This Again..


So I haven't paid any attention to this website/blog for a good couple of weeks, and to be honest, the reason for that is I didn't really know what I was doing with it or where I was going with it! Lately I have noticed I have changed a lot as a person over the last year, and when I started this 'blog' I was a bit all over the place. 

That being said I feel I am in a much better place to start this up again! As you can see I have changed the headers and obviously my main focus is sharing all music related stuff with you, but I have two other headers which are Love and Life. Love will be all things i'm loving whether its music, fashion, a person anything I am loving really! Then Life will be kind of like a follow me in life type of thing. I am going back over to LA next month to do some more writing and recording, and I really liked the idea of sharing what i'm up too and I also like the idea I have something to look back on. For my followers who read my old blog you will notice I have deleted all my old content because I just want to start it all over!

This website is my 'meeting point' ha! and you can find all my links down the side but when in doubt just search @ivyrode ! 

So that's about it.. Lets try this again! 

Ivy x

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