Saturday, May 31, 2014

Stay With Me/ Same Love - Sam Smith/ Macklemore and Ryan Lewis - COVER - Ivy Rode

Hey Everyone!

Ok so I have just posted a new cover! As you can see by the title! I know I just posted a cover of one of Sam Smith's songs, but it just so happens he brought out a new one and I had to cover it.. BUT I have also put in Same Love (another one of my favourites) y'know to make it a bit different ;) 

Filming this video was not the easiest! I am in the process of moving out of my flat (I will have a blog post soon going into details about all of that) therefore not only is it a stressful/ exciting time, but most of my stuff has been packed away.. including my tripod! I had to film this video using books, a sofa bed and a table as a tripod! But I managed to do it! Now this also meant I had to film in my kitchen which isn't the best lighting compared to my newer set up in my recent videos. Anyways the video is filmed and now up! 

I hope you enjoy my cover 

Ivy x


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