Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Night At The Roxy - Clean Bandit & Made In Heights

Last night I was able to tick 'Go to The Roxy' off my 'to do in life' list. 

I was lucky enough to be given tickets to go see Clean Bandit and Made In Heights. All I was expecting was 2 tickets, but no. When I picked up my tickets I was given VIP passes and it didn't end there. Once in the venue the person I was with and I were given 5 free drink tickets EACH! Bummer I dont drink alcohol but the girl I was with did and she was made up as you could imagine! 

We took our seats in the VIP section front row and our own table (like what?) and waited for the show to start. 

Made In Heights kicked it off and I must say I was pleasently surprised. Their music sound isn't my first choice but I must say I really enjoyed their set. Their songs were catchy and easy to listen to and I can say their performance was memmorable. 

Then a short wait after Clean Bandit came on and later I discovered this was their first show ever in America! So I was a proud fellow brit watching them! I love 'Rather Be' and 'Extraordinary" so it was great to listen to their other songs. Together the band is unique and defiantly highly talented. They gave off a different style, image and sound and it was refreshing to see something other than the typical pop sound which is dominating the charts. I defiantly think this band is one to watch and im excited to see where they go with their music. 

It was an unforgettable night. I remember standing there looking around where I was and thinking 'omg I am in The Roxy in LA' and thinking back to when going to The Roxy was something I really wanted to do and now I can say 'done it'. We create our life, remember that.

In my next vlog their will be clips from the show and the night and I will link it on this post once it is up. 

I recommend checking out the music I have linked, it may not initially be for you but you might surprise yourself, like I did, and like it!

Ivy x

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