Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Hey people! 

So the past year I have been really looking after my hair meaning I limit heat styling to the minimum use as possible. I was introduced to pin curls and since I have been obsessed with them! I find pin curls hold a curl far longer in my hair compared to using a curling iron and in general my hair looks healthier and has more life with more bounce and movement. 

I always let my hair air dry so this tutorial requires no heat at all! I used two serums in this video which are 

I find these really work for me but you can use what ever products you like, these are just the ones i recommend. Be careful with over doing products. I find if you start putting too many products in your hair it actually starts to weigh your hair down and you won't get the best results. 

I hope you enjoy this video!

First vlog will be up at the end of the week! Subscribe so you don't miss it! 


Ivy x



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