Saturday, June 28, 2014

Food Intolerance? - UPDATE

Ok so it's been a week since my last post and I have good news! 

I had an over the phone meeting with a nutritionist to go through my results. The good news is I have an intolerance, meaning there is a chance this isn't permanent! YAY best news i've had since knowing I can eat bananas again! 

This all being said I still have to cut all my intolerances out for at least 3 months. If after 3 months my body is acting normal and I feel fine, I can start introducing the foods back into my diet one by one and see if I have any kind of reaction. But for now my top intolerances are cut out completely (wheat, cow's milk and grapes) and all my borderline foods are cut out too except it is ok if I have them once a week (if I slip up) but no more than once a week! 

This week has got better as it has gone on. I have found some amazing little shops, one is called Babycakes and the other is called Fronuts. 

Babycakes is a cake shop and sells cupcakes to cookies to waffles etc and it is all gluten free, vegan and some is refined sugar free! Trust me they taste just as good its unreal! 

Fronuts you guessed it is doughnuts and again they sell gluten free and vegan fronuts! They are called fronuts because unlike doughnuts which are fried, fronuts are baked and steamed. (I will be doing a video soon on all these places I have found, so make sure you are subscribe to my second channel IvyRodeExtra so you can find out more on these places and others!)

The hardest thing I have found this week is bread. If your only after gluten free you have lots of options and the quality doesn't look bad either. I however I need gluten free and vegan, meaning I can only find 1 bread out of all the super markets I have been too which is white rice bread. To be honest with you I am not the biggest fan but it's not terrible. I will get used to it but it is annoying I can't find any other options at the moment! 

Side note: When I say I need vegan I am saying this as I can not eat eggs or have cow's milk. I do still eat meat but saying vegan is much easier when talking about foods. 

My next post will be all on Breakfast! 

Ivy x


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