Thursday, June 26, 2014

Free Therapy

Just a quick one to share something I am recently loving! My Journal!

I have been keeping a journal for over a year now. I don't always write in it everyday, but whenever there is something on my mind or if I need to figure something it out, it is always the answer to my problems. 

I find it so thereputic writing things down. Its a way to unload my brain and it releases stress. I also find it simplifies everything. When I am writing I am my most creative, I think of so many ideas when in a way I'm having a conversation with myself. 

If you ever feel stressed or have something on your mind or you have a problem and you dont know what to do, then try writing in a journal. You will be surprised how effective they are. 

It's free therapy! 

Thats all for now!

Ivy x

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