Friday, June 20, 2014

If You Can't Change It, Embrace It

I really don't even know where to start with this post so I will just start with a fact. I have a food allergy (or a food intolerance). A food allergy and a food intolerance are two different things and the only information I have had so far is which foods my body is reacting too. On monday I have a meeting with a nutritionist who is going to go through everything with me and she will tell me if I have a food intolerance or a food allergy. 

Now what food does my body not like? This is where things become pretty intense for me. I have a strong reaction to Cow's milk, Wheat and grapes, and a borderline intolerance to Eggs, Yeast, Gluten, Corriander, Dill, Cumin and Lentils. Now take a moment and think through what you have eaten today, or what you are going to eat today and think which foods that eliminates if you have to take out these ingredients. Sucks right? 

When I first found out which foods my body doesn't like I was shocked. I wasn't expecting this many things and I defiantly was not excepting more than one food group. The first thing I did was I went to Barnes and Noble and got myself a book on these types of Allergies. The book is called 'The Food Allergy Health And Diet Guide' by 'Alexandra Anca'. If you are new to food allergies like me I defiantly reccomend this book, it really does have everything you need to know. So after growing my knowledge on these allergies it was time to go to the supermarket and buy myself some food I can eat. I chose to go to whole foods as I knew that would have the most to offer. This is where I became extremly over whelmed with the whole thing. It was so hard to find food which was as similar to what I used to eat but without these elements. What makes it hard is I find one thing which doesnt have gluten in but then it has egg in it so it rules that one out. I felt like a british girl lost and it was like everything was in a different language. I managed to find a few things to get me through dinner and breakfast the next day but at this point inside I was on panic mode. 

So onto the next day.. Everything was going fine all day but then around 3 or 4 my body started to feel extremely weak like I was sucked of energy. What didn't help was being out in the LA sun! I listened to my body and went to whole foods and got myself some food to go. Basically my go to food is vegetables so I loaded up on it and had an iced coffee and immediatly my body felt stronger. As the day went on I started to develop headaches and I realised all of this was just my body detoxifying. This is bitter sweet as its great my body is getting rid of the toxins but at the same time its a horrible thing to physically go through. 

That night when I was in bed ready to go to sleep, like everyone else i'm sure, your mind wonders off and you start thinking.. Well long story short I was getting myself down about the whole thing because its all so sudden. I spoke to my mum (because mum knows best) and after a good long chat of her being right she pointed out reality to me.. Im making big changes all at once too quickly and my mind is much further ahead than my body. 

As a person I am not a time waster and I am all about you are what you eat. Before all this I had a very strict diet because what I eat I believe effects my skin. When I made that diet change I saw noticible results proving to me it is true. So this time around I am no different.. If I know these foods are what is causing me to itch on my legs, or make me feel bloated after a meal, or bring me up in a rash on my face natural I want to cut those foods out there and then. This is all fine because I do need to get to the point where these foods aren't in my diet, but the difference is i'm not eliminating one ingredient, i'm eliminating food groups and its more than one and it is just too much at once. 

So what now? Well along side all this like anyone else i'm sure who has a food intolerance or food allergy those words come into your head 'I wish I could just be normal'. Then you start getting yourself depressed because you know you can't change the fact your body is how it is. This is where I put a STOP to these thoughts. 

You know what there are millions of people suffering from allergies you not on your own. Luckily we live in a world where there are lots of options for people who have certain food needs. YES its hard especially when it is all new to you. YES you are going to wish you could eat that one food your told you can't. YES it is mentally a challenge. It is a big life change. BUT like I always say nothing is impossible. In my situation I cant have cakes and cookies etc and thats the hardest thing for me but I can make my own.. As long as I use the right ingredients nothing is going to stop me having a cake or a pizza or ice cream. Ok its not convenient but atleast im not deprived of it I do still have an option. 

This is a big transition I am going through right now and I by no means can sit here and tell you whats right or wrong because I don't actually know myself. I have a lot to figure out and that in its self is a positive because I am going to learn so much. Its not going to be easy there will be days where I will feel completely in control and there will be days I will feel like that british girl I did on day 1 lost in translation. 

As you can see I have made a whole new section on my blog and it will be purely about my 'food journey' shall we say! I plan to be posting recipes, supermarket finds and alternatives, restaurants the list goes on of ideas I have, but most importantly it will be a diary of mine to share what i'm going through. I want to do this as If I can help at least one person that is worth it for me because I now know what it is like to have a food intolerance or allergy. I think it is also good to share things I find and meals I eat and tips because I know I read other peoples blogs on this topic now and it is important to me, so I know someone will appreciate this.

Im ending this post with something my own brain thought last night after that long conversation I said I had with my mum..

If You Can't Change It..Embrace It

Ivy x

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