Monday, June 23, 2014

LA VLOG #2 - Concerts And Food Allergies!

Vlog #2 already! Wow this week flew by..

What a week it has been!! I'm not looking at this past week as being horrendous I am looking at it as the beginning of big changes. Big changes don't have to be bad there is always a positive behind a negative. Incase you haven't read any of my other posts you probably do not have a clue what my 'Big Change'. Instead of me going through it all again check out my last post which explains everything here..

Lets just put that to the side for a minute and talk about all the other things I have done this week! Well the stand out thing is I saw Clean bandit (check out my post on the night here) and that was so good! Another thing I did this week was I went to see 'The Fault In Our Stars'. I read the book not too long ago so I was really looking forward to the film.. and it didn't disappoint! OH it was sad! There were grown men shedding buckets in my screening! I loved the film and I defiantly recommend you check it out.

This week I also checked out melrose but the none designer end. That was an experience, It wasnt my kind of thing fashion wise but it was good to see. Besides that I've just been living really! haha . You know the same old errands, coffee breaks and working on my life ha. 

So here is my LA VLOG #2! It is a lot shorter because this week has been difficult for me and remembering to vlog became a bit much and tbh what I would have vlogged wouldn't of been that entertaining.. Unless you like watching people food shop? 

Anyways Enjoy! 

Ivy x


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