Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Girl With Five Colours In Her Hair

Well I may not have five colours but I have more colours than my usual dark brown hair!

I think the main reason for the sudden desire to colour my hair is the weather. Now being in LA I just fancied a change and I love to wear my hair natural, so opting for highlights is perfect for me as it gives my hair dimension, and it just makes my hair look better when it is natural. I also recently posted a throwback picture on my Instagram from when I had ombre and it made me miss having blonde in my hair.

I knew I didn't want ombre again because to me its like 'bin there done that'. So this time I went for highlights so there is still my dark hair in the ends. At the moment my hair looks very natural and the highlights and lowlights don't really show in pictures. However the more the sun is getting to it the blonde is becoming lighter and I am loving it. 

Its not a crazy difference but this is stage one.. My hair was boxed dyed before and you could tell from the different colours coming through and patches! haha it was not good! So begrudgingly it was time to hand over the money and let someone else touch it. My hairdresser said I couldn't go too light as it would kill my hair, so he went as light as he could without using bleach. He did the highlights and lowlights very finely and I love this as it becomes low maintenance for me instead of having obvious streaks shall we say through my hair, which means roots are not your friend! 

Details for the salon I went to..

Click here for their website!

Planet Salon
8126 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles California 90046
(Next to Fred Segal)
Tel: (323) 951-1011
Hours of operation:
Tuesday 3 - 9
Wednesday - Friday 10 - 8
Saturday 8 - 7
Sunday 10 - 5
The stylist I had was Jason Moran
Ivy x


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