Monday, June 09, 2014

What's Next?..

Hey everyone!

When I wrote this I was sat on an plane on my way to Los Angeles LAX! As I was on an 11 hour flight I thought it would be the perfect time to sit and write my post on basically what’s next for me. 

So far my travel has gone well besides the fact I ‘think’ I have left my headphones at Heathrow airport YAY (crying inside). But whatever I will make do, things like that happen just gotta get over it and it just means I have to buy a new pair. (UPDATE: I found my headphones!!)

So where do I begin?! Exactly this time last year I went to LA on my own for two weeks music related. In those two weeks I learnt that I LOVE LA and I knew someday I wanted to move there. The past year has been a difficult year for me, but I am an extremely positive and optimistic person and I can’t bare being around negativity because in my mind I believe anything is possible.

This leads on to what I have planned from today onwards. 

A couple of weeks ago it’s like the penny dropped. I was sitting on my bed on my own thinking about where I am and where I wanted to be. That was the moment I said to my mum ‘I need to move’ ‘What am I doing here’. In the next week I booked my flight, put my flat up for rent and rented an apartment in LA. I always knew I needed to move to LA, but I didn’t take action sooner. All I am focussed on is my music and its not going to happen unless I give it all I have and take risks.  

People question how I could afford to do this and assume my parents fund it.. but no. I always knew I would move eventually so the past year I have been working and saving constantly. I have paid for everything and I am happy I can say that. After paying for the flights and apartment I don’t have much left but I will get by and I will figure it out. 

I am beyond excited for what is to come. I have actually just told you the outlines in this post, there is a lot more to this but I am not ready to write about it just yet.. maybe in a month or so I will. 

I am so ready to start my ‘own life’ and I keep saying to my mum ‘I can’t believe we are going’ but then a second later I think ‘but I can!’

All I can say is.. your in charge of your own life. I know sometimes there are things which stop us and you think you can’t change that.. but you can. There is always a way around everything if you really work hard and want it that much. 

Well I am going to wrap this post up now! If you want to see what i'm up to then follow this blog and my second channel - Ivy Rode Extra, where you will also find vlogs.

First vlog will be up at the end of the week! 

Lets do this!

Ivy x

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