Friday, July 18, 2014

I Finally Like Yoga!

So my mum is a Yogi. Yoga Mumma! I haven't really gone into what my mum does before, but she does Thai Yoga Massage and along with this comes a lot of Yoga classes and she is in the process of becoming an Ashtanga teacher. 
I have tried yoga classes in London and I have mentioned I have been to some yoga classes whilst being in LA and iv'e owned up that it isn't really my thing. I keep going because I really do want to like it because I know it is so good for me! Well I can finally say I have found a class I genuinely like and I know this because in the hour and a half I was in the class I didn't look at the clock once! 

The class is ASHTANGA MYSORE. 

The difference with this class is it isn't a lead class where everyone is doing the same thing. You work to your own pace and you do your own routine. I realised this is exactly what I didn't like about the other classes I have been too. Yoga is all about relaxation, meditation and stretching the body, and I find it very hard to do this in a lead class when you are set to a certain pace. To me I feel it is a little robotic. 

So I did the Ashtanga Mysore class and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. The teacher works with you one on one and you can really focus on yourself and not worry about keeping up. I guess the best thing is you work to your own ability. 

I was so shocked at how loose my body became in the class! At the end I was in full Lotus I mean that in its self shows it was good because I could never do that before!

I can't really talk too much about this because I have only been to one class but I decided to write a blog post anyway, because I know this is something I am going to continue. 

If you haven't tried an Ashtanga Mysore class GO! Especially if your like me and find you don't enjoy lead classes! 




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