Monday, July 07, 2014

ICE CREAM!! - Mint Chocolate Chip

Ok so I have found THE most amazing mint chocolate chip ice cream. If you can't have cow's milk and you need something gluten free, basically it seems you can't have anything in ice cream.. This is your answer.

The other night I was having a craving for ice cream so I decided to try out ice cream made with coconut milk. Now at first I was like eugh what is the point its just not the same as normal ice cream. I picked up the So Delicious coconut milk ice cream in the flavour Vanilla Bean. It was ok, it didn't knock my socks off but it gave me the same satisfaction. I must say it kind of tasted like a pina colada! 

A week later I wanted ice cream again. Now mint chocolate chip is my all time favourite ice cream flavour so when I saw they had the coconut milk ice cream in that flavour that was it time for check out. OMG it was amazing. It tasted no different to normal ice cream. It was soft and the chocolate pieces where so thin, which is just how I like the chocolate chips in my ice cream. The tub was also 'no sugar added' so the whole tub was half the calories! That being said god knows whats in it making it taste so good but to be honest I don't have ice cream that often so I don't really care. 

I highly recommend the So Delicious brand. I have also tried the coconut and the almond milk greek style yogurts in nearly all the flavours and they are on point too! Click here to check out more from the brand!

Ivy x 

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