Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Photos Of The Week!

Hey everyone! 

So I have been gone for a week or two sorry about that! Just a little update.. A new Vlog will be on the way but I am just waiting until I have enough footage to justify a video! But I thought as I have been pretty absent from my blog, to be honest most of my social media, I would share some photos from the past week or 2! 

Also I quickly want to add in, I am not 100% sure when I will be uploading my next main channel video as I am not in my normal set up and I need to sort some things before I can even record. Saying that I am thinking about it and hopefully I will sort something soon and have a video for you! 

Anyway lets look at some pictures! 

I made Sushi! 
I love sushi always have and I always say 'I wish I could make it!'. Well I did! It was pretty easy actually. I went for the classic California rolls and I also made a hand roll because they are my favourites. I thought it was pretty cool making it at home and I think its a great thing to be able to do if your having a party! Pre nibbles! 

My first 4th July in America!
I spent my 4th chilling out and shopping but more just chilling out because I didn't even end up buying anything! In the evening I went for a good old american meal.. Burger and chips! I then caught the fireworks from the top floor of a car park! Sounds odd but it was actually pretty cool. I had an amazing view of LA at night and I didn't just see one firework display I saw about 8! 

Classic - Beverly Hills
How can you be in LA and not go have a look at the houses in Beverly Hills? I took a trip there and yep they are pretty amazing. This photo is untouched do I need to say more?

One Happy Bean!

Cafe Gratitude
Oh Cafe Gratitude.. So I found this Cafe in Larchmont and now that I have such a strict diet this place is my heaven. They do cakes I can eat basically! Their whole menu is vegan and there is a lot of gluten free options. Their cakes are gluten free and vegan and refined sugar free. I could go on about this place for days just look it up and if you can go! This picture is the Strawberry shortcake or something and IT'S JUST AMAZING! Their Key Lime pie is also a must to try! The Tiramisu is next on my list! ;)

What else have I been doing?
In the last week I have also been to the studio and working on my music and to be honest just the same stuff I normally do. I went to another yoga class which was well yoga ha. I really want to like it because I know it is good for me but I haven't quite got their yet! The class is an hour and a half and it the last half an hour which gets me! I have been exploring different areas of LA trying to get a feel for when I do look for a more permanent home, but anything else I am missing telling you now will be in my vlog! Coming soon! 

Ivy x


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