Friday, August 22, 2014

Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway.

Sometimes things don't go to plan or don't exactly fit the running movie in your head. This isn't a bad thing because most of the time bigger and better things happen because of it. 

Something I have learnt is to live in the now. Now is all you have. The past is in the past the future is in the future but you are here in this moment reading this post. You have the abilty right now to take control of your actions, you have choices. These choices and actions are what will take an effect on your future. Sometimes the smallest decisions and smallest actions are the ones you look back on and realise it was that one small choice which changed everything, or maybe got you somewhere you didn't plan to be. These can be good and bad. If the choice is bad you must learn from it and make sure that bad decision does not happen again. A bad choice is always positive as long as you learn from it. 

Comparing your self physically to others is a waste of your time. You will never be that person just like no one will ever be just like you. What you can do is compare your mind set and take inspiration from others who get up and go and make things happen. Like my mum always says  'you can't wait for someone to come knocking on your door offering you your dreams, you will be waiting forever'. The people who are successful in life have worked hard to get there. Now I am not talking about money or flash cars or big houses. I am talking about the kind of success as simple as finally being able to ride a bike or reaching a goal you set yourself at work. Even working on yourself and being truly happy and content in your life is a success. We are all different and have different goals and dreams, some big and some small. 

The reason for this post is because I was thinking how scared I was to post a video onto youtube 2 years ago. I was 18 and like a lot of people I was scared of my friends finding out etc. But 2 years on I think wow, that one decision was the starting point along with a lot of hard work which has lead to me sitting here in a cafe in Los Angeles writing this post. Since I was 7 from watching the disney channel and those american shows, Iv'e always wanted to go to America and experience their way of living. Well iv'e made that dream a reality i'm here and thats one thing I can check of my list. I have a long long way to go until I reach my ultimate dream but to be honest I don't think I will ever get there, because once I get close I set my self an even higher goal. I'm just really enjoying the journey. 

So if there is something you want to do then please just do it. If your friends don't support you then they are not your friends. If something fails thats great! At least you tried and it will take you closer to the right path way to go! 

Feel the fear and do it anyway.
Keep dreaming and be ok that a dream is all it will ever be. 

Ivy x

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