Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Let's Have A Sushi Party!

In a recent post I mentioned how I gave Sushi a go at home! I can't believe how successful it was and it's so fun to do!

The best part about sushi is it's allergy friendly! Gluten free, wheat free, dairy free, yeast free (without soy sauce, vinegar and wasabi) nut free, it can even be fish free!

I also realised it is fun for all ages! So this leads me to my ideas to when you can make sushi..

1) Kids

If you are a mum, you know kids love to make things. Sushi is great to do with kids because the steps are easy enough for them to do themselves and it is a healthier option and a nice change from making cakes etc. It means you can make something you both can enjoy and spend some quality time together. Another big plus is there is minimal mess!

2) Starters

If you are able to make sushi yourself I think it is a great idea for a starter or 'nibbles' if you host a party or a dinner party. It also looks very impressive and sleek served on a nice clean plate. It's a nice change and something different to offer, so a great way to impress your guests!

3) Picnics and packed lunches

As I am a singer I am in the studio a lot. My biggest annoyance is food! I don't normally get hungry when I am working as I am focused on the music, but when I do realise 'Oh I haven't eaten all day' It hits me like I haven't eaten for days! Normally we would grab a pizza or order take a way or just go to the closest place around to get food. That isn't an option for me anymore so sushi is actually a great thing to take with me. I personally wouldn't put fish in my sushi if I was taking it somewhere for the day (unless there is a fridge) because that just seems like a bad idea! Smell wise and health wise :/. But you can do vegetable sushi and as sushi cuts up into bit size pieces its perfect in an air tight container. It also doesn't take up too much room in your bag. Lastly because it is rice it is actually very filling!

Extra Info

How To Make It ?

You can easily google how to make sushi, but I actually just followed the directions on the back of my Nori sheets!

How do you keep it allergy safe ?

To keep the sushi dairy free make sure you stay away from the mayo's and sauces, unless you know exactly what is in them. I also have to stay away from soy sauce and wasabi due to my yeast intolerance. If you do too then I highly recommend you try the Braggs Liquid Aminos All Purpose Seasoning (CLICK HERE). I buy it in spray form which is great for stir fry's and many other dishes as well. It really gives that flavour you need! All in all you know your allergies and what you can and can't have.

I also make sure the sushi rice is very sticky and so there is no need to use vinegar to make the nori sheets stick.

I really hope you try making sushi at home if you haven't already! There are 100's of different rolls to choose from! 

Ivy x


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