Thursday, October 09, 2014

How To Clear Your Skin! 'Do's And Don'ts' - PART 1

Hey everyone! I have a new video!

Today's video is all about how to clear your skin and look after it! I have been through quite the journey with my skin and I happy to say I have now got it under control :) yaaay. I really have tried and tested a lot of products, home remedies and medications and in this video I talk you through the ones which work the best! I hope you find this video helpful and be sure to subscribe as I will be posting a PART 2 where I go into what products I use and how I use them. 

I just want to take this time to quickly say if you do have bad skin try not to get your self down about it. You have to think you are actually incredibly lucky to be in the body your in, there is always someone out there who is facing far worse problems daily and your worrying about a couple of spots! When you think about it like that it all seems very silly! I am guilty of this and I would get depressed but now if I get a spot it really doesn't bother me that much and with these tips and tricks you can get rid of it quickly! 

If you have any other videos you would like me to film please do leave a comment! 

Enjoy the video!

Ivy x


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