Saturday, October 04, 2014

It's All About The Mat


This one if for all you yoga lovers! The most important part of your practice is your mat.
It is your support and it is what you are going to be working for at least an hour! So it is worth the investment to make sure you get a good one. You only need one and once you have one you have it for years. Here are my top recommendations.

1) Jade

I first tried a Jade yoga mat in Los Angeles. The place I was practicing 'YogaWorks' love these mats and say they are the best. I do agree they are fantastic mats. They give you great support as they are substantially padded and you don't slip and slide all over the mat! The only down side I find is they are chunky so when you roll them up they are not particularity suitable to be carrying around with you everywhere. I would reccomend the Jade Mats but I would not recommend their thinner (with the exceptions of the travel mat). I used a thinner mat before and I hated it. My hands were slipping away from me and I had a terrible experience! It didn't feel safe.

Score: 4/5

2) Jade Travel Mat

The Jade Travel Mat is my only exception other than the Jade. This mat is incredibly thin and lightweight. You can even fold it up and put it into your bag and it doesn't take up to much room. This being said it does not have good support due to how thin it is. In all it is great if you have to travel somewhere and you want to take a yoga mat with you, however on a day to day basis I would not choose this mat.

Score: 3/5

3) Lululemon The Mat

I went ahead and bought this mat whilst I was in Los Angeles after hearing rave reviews. So far I have no complaints! This is by far my favourite mat I have tried. I don't slip, the thickness is perfect and the weight isn't too much to carry. The mat is designed so when you sweat you stick to your mat more! The only thing was it was a pain to get back to London in my suitcase!

Score: 5/5

What mat do you have and love? 

Ivy x

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