Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Rode Recommends! - Nikki's Bakery


Hey Everyone!

I haven't posted for a whole month! But I am back with a post with a little recommendation. My body seems to hate diary so I defiantly steer clear from it! One thing I am finding extremely annoying is London (or England in general) seems to be behind with their knowledge on nutrition and health. In LA there was so many options for people who have allergies or even go by a certain diet such as vegan or gluten free etc. I feel like London needs to get more clued up on this! I feel so sorry for people who have allergies!

Going on to my recommendation... One thing I love is my Cappuccino with almond milk. Now if you don't want cow's milk for whatever reason it may be in most coffee shops your only option is soy. Now personally I don't like soy and I also know there is this big thing about it, is it good for you or is it not? Finding a coffee shop which does other alternatives such as almond milk, rice milk or oat milk is like finding gold in London. I was so used to everywhere having these options in LA that when I came back to London I was like what is going on ?!

A new bakery has opened up in Chiswick and it is called 'Nikki's Bakery'. This is my local town so when it opened I thought I would pop along and check it out. I asked the million dollar question when I ordered my coffee if they did any milk alternatives and to my surprise they said ' we do almond milk'. I was beyond happy because not only could I have my cappuccino but it was local! The coffee was amazing as well so it was all just great. Then things got even better when I got into conversation with the staff and they told me how they sell gluten free cakes and told me their plans to make bring more alternatives to their cafe.

From then on I always make sure I make the effort to get my coffee from them as I like to support these cafe's who do make these efforts for their customers. The cafe it self is lovely and has such a nice vibe and I am so happy to see it is always busy! The staff are also so friendly and it really gives a nice community feel when I go there. 

If you are in the Chiswick area defiantly pop by and have a coffee or even some lunch and tell them you heard about it from me! 

I think people are starting to become more aware of what they put in their bodies as time goes on and these Cafe's are what we should be supporting over Starbucks and Costa's etc and all the chains who add so much rubbish into our drinks to make them taste good. 

Have a good week! 

Ivy x

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