Monday, January 19, 2015

A Little Piece Of My Heart | Paris

59 Rue Mazarine, Paris. That used to be my address. Not many people know this but my family used to have a flat in Paris. We spent 5 years in this flat and it was in the peak of my childhood. Not many people can say they learnt to roller blade around The Louvre. I am so unbelievably grateful to say this was apart of my childhood.

This was when I last went to Paris (3 years ago) and I visited my own front door! p.s yes I had a broken foot and I seemed to like blue?  oh christ wardrobe malfunctions. Oh and hi to the guy on the side!

Writing this post makes me well up inside. Paris truly is and will always feel like a second home to me. Waking up in the morning getting my croissant from Paul and sitting on the steps outside the beautiful church down the road before climbing onto my bike and heading off to where ever that days adventure may be.

Quick back story:

I still went to school in England. My life was split between England and Paris. When school started I would live in Kent (where I was born) and attend school but on many weekends and all schools holidays I would live in Paris it was like a 50:50 split. My main home was England however I was in Pairs so much (as it is only a 3 hour train journey away!) and lived that lifestyle that to me like I said it really was a 50:50 split.

I know the city like the back of my hand but can I speak the language? no. Lol your probably like what?! How can you not be fluent? Well.. My mum was very good at the language and I was at an age where I got around fine with the vocab I did know. Also many people spoke to me in English over there. I know all the necessary's like 'Can I please have 2 scoops of ice cream in a medium cup, thank you' ;). I got by.

It all sounds like a dream to me now. At that age I was just a kid wanting to play and have fun and at the time I didn't know how lucky I was to be in such a beautiful city. This is why it touches me thinking back because now I am older I crave going there every week! I am at an age to really appreciate it. I mean I live in coffee shops so that alone is my crave for Paris.

There are two reasons behind writing this post. 1) I really want to go back and I can't stop thinking about it and 2) appreciate where you are in the world right now. When you live somewhere you skim over the little details. It isn't until you take yourself away you realize the beauty in where you are.

I am currently in London and I am making more of an effort to go to new coffee shops, new areas of London and try and break the normal routine because who knows where I will be in the future?! I just want to know I experienced London to the fullest. Also I love how coffee shops was my first thing haha do I have a problem? maybe ? but coffee shops give me life, just the way it is! Now I am finding new things in London it is making me fall in love with the city all over again!

Hopefully I will be going back to Paris some day soon! Experience each city, town or country you visit to the fullest!

Au Revoir!

Ivy x

P.s Today I woke up to see I hit 100 subscribers on Youtube! To some people this may seem nothing but to me this is so exciting! I write my blog and film these videos because plain and simple I love it! So to know 100 people enjoy my content is a great feeling! Lets keep the Rode House growing! Have a great day everyone! 

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  1. Great blog post !!! had a great read !!

    love your blog !!

    would love to see you over on my blog

    have a nice day


    1. Thank you! I am glad you enjoyed it! I will go and check your blog out now whilst I eat my breakfast! x

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  3. Paris is one of my favorite cities, it has so much beauty everywhere it's insane :)


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