Thursday, January 15, 2015

Crisis At Christmas.

This Christmas I knew I wanted to do something different. I knew I wanted to help someone else. When I was in LA I came face to face with the reality of an issue which we all see every single day however the majority of people choose to walk past and ignore it. Being Homeless.

I came back from LA and I knew I wanted to do something and help those who have no where to go on christmas day. Those who have no family to go to. Those who will be out in the bitter cold.

I found Crisis whilst searching the internet and I decided to get in touch with them. Crisis are an organisation who work to fight homelessness. They help all throughout the year and at Christmas they organise centres all over the country where people who have no home or anywhere to go can sign up and go to a centre. At the centre they can receive a hair cut, a shower, food, doctors, dentists and most importantly warmth.

After researching I saw they enjoy entertainment so I got in contact and signed up to perform. So Christmas Eve and Christmas Day I went to the West London centre and spent a couple of hours chatting to the guests and then I did an hour set. I was not ready for what was to happen.. 

I was told the entertainment was 'background music' and there wasn't a stage or a big audience which sits down to watch, so I prepared an acoustic set choosing songs which were easy listening. I start my set Christmas Eve and a couple of people start pulling interest. I then decided to give the place a little beat and decided to sing 'Cee Lo Green - Forget You' this is where is all started. Suddenly people were crowded round picking up other instruments playing along dancing it was unbelievable! I then thought 'shit' I haven't prepared these kinds of songs so that's it on the spot got out my phone and started pulling up all the upbeat stuff on youtube and used instrumentals. Majority of these songs I had never sung as a performance before but I just went with it! They all loved it and I had some up singing and rapping with me It was amazing to see how much fun they were having. 

I then had people requesting songs and one gentleman asked if he could sing 'I Believe I Can Fly' with me. I know the tune but I have never sung it before but of course I said lets do it. I think this was the highlight of my Christmas. We started singing and I had to pull myself together because I have never seen someone sing from thier soul and heart more than this man. He meant every word and in that moment he just let go. Then what was even more touching was when he finished another man shouted out 'Yes you can fly!' I think knowing he was going to be sleeping on the street that night and seeing how happy and free he was in that moment was just something I will never forget. 

The whole thing was just amazing both days. Many people came up to me to chat after and it was all worth it when they looked me in the eyes and said the words 'you made my christmas'. I will defantly be doing this again. I know this isn't for everyone as you have traditions at Christmas which I totally understand! However I just wanted to share this experience and information so if you did want to look into it you can or if you would like to do something to help you can. 

I wish I had photos or videos to share however because of the saftey of the guests it was not allowed however here is the link to the official Crisis advert.

Have a good day everyone!

Ivy x

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