Saturday, January 10, 2015

MAC Lipstick Collection + Swatches

Hey Everyone!

So I have posted a video (below) all on my current MAC lipstick collection but I just wanted to write a blog post to go along side it to show clearer swatches and give you a little more detail on each lipstick.

Creme In Your Coffee

Line: Cremesheen

Colour Description: Medium Brown with a hint of a mauve undertone.
Formulation: Not too drying. Very comfortable and good lasting power.
Worth it?: No. I am being brutal with my opinion. I love the lipstick and colour however I think I could find a similar colour which is better with my skin tone. You have to really work with it to make sure your lips still have life!


Line: Amplified

Colour Description: True bright orange.
Formulation: Compared to some Amplified lipsticks I own this one isn't too drying. However I still like to use either a lip balm or some moisturising with it. The lasting power is great!
Worth it?: Yes! I love this colour it is one of my spring/summer staples! It looks AMAZING with a tan! It also doesn't make your teeth look yellow unlike some orange lipsticks out there!


Line: Amplified

Colour Description: A medium pink leaning more to the brighter side. Very wearable and great for everyday. I must say though when I have a tan this colour does not work as well for me however that is a personal preference.
Formulation: Ok. I wouldn't say it was moisturising but I wouldn't say it was dry. It sits somewhere in the middle. I would say after 2 hours you would need to re apply. Colour pay off is great and it is build able. You can lightly apply it for a wash of colour or build it up so it is quite bright.
Worth it?: Yes/No. I love this colour and carry it everywhere but when I run out I will probably try out another shade as there are many different pinks to choose from with MAC.


Line: Amplified

Colour Description: Bright pink with a hint of coral.
Formulation: Slightly drying. Lasting power is amazing.
Worth it? Yes! I would defiantly repurchase this! The colour is great on all skin tones. I find it very complimentary and I must say it looks great if you have blue eyes! I always find this lipsticks makes my eyes pop! Too me this is the perfect spring colour.

Candy Yum Yum

Line: Matte

Colour Description: BRIGHT bubblegum pink.
Formulation: Very drying. Great lasting power the colours does not budge.
Worth it? Yes! It is worth the dryness. The colour is amazing if you are into your bold lips. It also has a blue undertone so your teeth look nice and white! If you are into bright and bold lips this is a must for your collection.

Peach Blossom

Line: Cremesheen

Colour Description: Pinky nude.
Formulation: Great. Nice and smooth.
Worth it? No. Even though I have used the entire lipstick I will not be repurchasing. Right now it doesn't work that well with my skin tone and I find I use it as a highlight to give my lips dimension. I think it is slightly pale for me. I need to try it with a suitable lip liner and I will update you however for right now it isn't very functional. If you have pale skin tone this might work great for you. I have an olive skin tone so if you do too then maybe this one isn't the one to grab!

Viva Glam Nicki

Line: Satin

Colour Description: Bright pink like Nicki! I would call it a neon baby pink.
Formulation: Slightly drying but bearable.
Worth it? Yes. I find this colour very flexible. I love it on it's own in the spring/summer however it is great for a highlight in the centre of the lips with any bright pink lip! I always like the way this colour looks and I would defiantly buy it again.

Russian Red

Line: Matte

Colour Description: Deep red. It is just a sexy red.
Formulation: Slightly Drying but bearable.
Worth it? Yes! This colour just screams sexy to me. It has a blue undertone so like I say in the video you have teeth like Simon Cowell! I have been wearing this colour a lot this fall/ winter and I think it is one I will always restock! Defiantly worth it!

Speak Louder

Line: Creamsheen

Colour Description: Great fall shade. Berry.
Formulation: Very comfortable.
Worth it? No. I Do like the colour however it doesn't stand out. I think if you were to buy a MAC lipstick this shouldn't be 'the one'. If you are after a nice Berry shade then I do think it is worth a try on but for me it isn't anything extra special. I think you can get a must cheaper lipstick in the drug store that does the exactly the same job. I am picky with Berry colours. For now this is the one I use however I do think I could find a better one and I am still on the hunt!

And that is all 9 shades I currently own! I hope you find this helpful and if you have any certain colour you love then comment and let me know some how and I will have a look! I am yet to find my perfect nude!

I hope you have a great day!

Ivy x


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