Thursday, January 29, 2015

RODE EATS | An Allergy Update

Wow when was the last 'Rode Eats' ?! Well It was the 15th September! So here we go! Ready?


If you follow me on twitter or instagram (@IvyRode) you may have seen I have been to the hospital a couple of times recently. Well this was to try and figure out what the heck I'm allergic too and hurray hurrah I finally have an answer. You heard it here first I am allergic to WHEAT. I am actually pretty happy about this as it means all the others things like cow's milk and gluten etc which I was told could be the cause to my problem actually aren't, so all I can say is.. PASS THE CHEESE. Before I throw a party I am still intolerant to cow's milk but I can have it here and there which is good enough for me! So no more worrying about cross contamination!

So now what?

Really I could go back to eating all the things I cut out but I don't want to! My body feels the best it has ever been and my skin is loving it's life! So I am going to stick to a gluten free and cow's milk free diet as much as I can! I am very happy with my diet and since this change I have had no negatives only positives! I really pay attention to my diet in the sense I make sure it is balanced and I get all the right nutrients. I am a big believer in 'you are what you eat' and make up and skin care and hair care is all great but if you want that to be even more amazing take care of your inside!

I really want to start posting more RODE EATS including recipes and food finds! It is something which I put a lot of thought into in my life so I love to share things I find!

Does anybody else have any allergies?

Ivy x

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