Sunday, January 11, 2015

What's In My Bag?!

Hello everyone it's time to get nosey ...

I have just posted the infamous 'What's In My Bag?' video on my channel and if you're a girl then I'm pretty sure there is a high chance you would like to see what another girl carries in her bag? Am I right ladies? 
I had fun filming this it is crazy to me that I filmed it! Before I started my channel a couple of weeks ago I proudly admit I have been watching youtube videos for years! I am a sucker for one of these so it was fun to do one myself! 
I hope you enjoy it I can't believe I lug all that around! It just adds up out of no where!

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Speak to you tomorrow for Mondays post!

Ivy x



  1. always love watching these kinds of videos :)

    1. It was fun/weird to film because I'm so used to watching other peoples! x

  2. Love the video and you blog,


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