Thursday, February 12, 2015

Always In My Basket | RODE EATS

If you know me it is safe to say I am extremely into my diet. I believe we are what we eat and what we put inside reflects the outside. I like to try new foods here and there but there are certain things which are always on my shopping list and today I am going to talk about them!

1) Lemons

Every single morning I squeeze half a lemon into a cup and add water and chug chug chug. There are SO many benefits to having lemon and water first thing in the morning and there are already hundreds of posts on it so I will link one here for you to check out. Since doing this my immune system has been better than ever and I have just in general noticed an improvement in my body and skin.

2) Staple Fruits
I do switch up fruits here and there depending on season however there are certain fruits I always get and they are... Jazz Apples, Blueberries, Satsumas, Mango or Pineapple and Pears. Here is a quick run down why..

Jazz Apples - Jazz because I just think they are the best tasting. Also an apple a day keeps the doctor away. They are also good on the go.
Blueberries - Full of antioxidants so great for the skin!
Satsumas - A source of vitamin C
Mango or Pineapple - Just because they are my favourites fruits.
Pears - Great for the digestive system.

I like to have my fruit in the first half of the day as fruit is high in sugar and you can burn it off throughout the day. I usually have fruit and my Coyo yogurt for breakfast or porridge.

3) Coyo Yogurts
Not much to say except these are the best non dairy yogurts I have found in the UK and they come in many flavours! As I do not have animal milk in my diet these yogurts are also another source of calcium.

My diet is 80% Vegetables. I buy a lot of veg so I am not going to name everything I get but one this which is a must for me is Sweet Potatoes. These are a great source of potassium and I just love them! I use them like jacket potatoes or sometimes I make healthy- it sweet potato fries.

5) Porridge, Chia and Flax seeds
These three go together as I eat them together. Porridge is great for a source of fiber and is something I just love for breakfast. It also keeps you fuller for longer as it releases energy slowly. Chia is just a super food! Great to detoxify your system! Lastly I buy flax as it is a source of Omega 3. Chia and Flax seeds are defiantly worth a google!

6) Nakd Bars
I love these bars as they are great on the go and if I want something with my coffee. As I am allergic to wheat I find it hard sometimes getting something to eat with my coffee when I am out so these are great in my bag. They are just fruit and nut bars and use very little ingredients!

Obviously there is a lot more in my basket than this lol I am missing out some big things like meats and fish and things I eat for dinner etc. However this post is about things which are needed day to day for me.

I actually speak about a couple of these things in my January favourites so if you want to check that out I will leave the video below!

What is always in your basket?

Have a great day!

Ivy x


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