Friday, February 27, 2015

Clubbing Survival Guide | Stay Classy And Under Control

Read more to find out my tips and advice on staying classy and under control on a night out!

This post is for all my 18+ readers! (or 21 in some countries). This weeks video is all about clubbing! I have filmed a video talking through all my tips and tricks from packing my clutch to how to have an alcohol free night!

This video is great if you are just turning of age to go to clubs and you don't know what to except or how to be prepared and this video is also great if you want some extra tips to have an even better night!

I will let the video do all the talking! I hope you enjoy it and if you like my videos please remember to subscribe!

Can we also just laugh at my awkward eyes in the middle of my thumbnail haha. Now looking at it I'm like what is that?! Oh well!

Love you all!
Stay safe Girls!

Ivy x


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