Sunday, February 22, 2015

GRWM + Follow Me Around | My Mum's Birthday

Come follow me around for the day!
Today I have another GRWM however this time it also includes snippets from what I did that day! It was my mum's birthday so we had a pretty chilled out day. We went to Banana Tree in Soho which is an Indochina Kitchen. They offer gluten free/ wheat free and vegan options so it was great for me! I will be doing a full review soon so keep your eyes on the look out for that! I didn't film everything I did but I tried to film as much as I could. 

I really hope you enjoy the video and if you like these types of videos please remember to subscribe!

Speak to you tomorrow!

Ivy x



  1. How have I only just come across your stunning blog? Absolutely loving it! Love this vid (and post) too hun, looking forward to more posts :)


    1. Thank you! That means so much! I can say the same about yours I just had a look and loved it! Im currently reading nearly all your posts on Gluten Free food! ha



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