Monday, February 02, 2015

JanINSTA | The Month Through Pictures

JanINSTA! See what I did there ;) Lets look at my January through some snaps! 

1) I drank many a coffee and took a picture of it to tell everyone I drank a coffee. I am drinking a coffee in a cafe as I write this post!

2) I went to my friends for a girly night in filled with dominoes and girly chat. Ended up having our pizza and our chat but then a last minute decision at 12am to go out for the night in Chealsea! We got ready head to toe in 15  mins! I think that deserves an award.

3) I supported the Parisians! Je Suis Charlie! I think everyone knows about this event! I also spent A LOT of time in cafes as they are my office as I like to say! 

4) I spent a lot of time in Whole Foods. There is one in Richmond not far from me and the place just makes me happy. As I am really into clean and healthy eating this place is just the best! 

5) I went to the 02 Arena to see Paolo Nutini! I didn't know until I got there but I was in a box! Pretty swarve if you ask me! Had such a great night catching up with my best friend and listening to a beautiful voice! 

6) I felt a little spendy! I headed to town to pick up a couple of things and ended up with some extra purchases! If you would like to see what I bought then you can watch the haul I posted from this trip! Click here.

7) Apparently I thought I was cool and thug like.

8) I filmed and posted an original song to my music channel!! This was a big moment for me! Click here to watch it! 

9) I edited, blogged, filmed and watched too many youtube videos until I saw stars.

If you would like to see what I have been loving beauty/ food/ music wise give this a watch! 

Have a great day! 

Ivy x


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