Monday, February 09, 2015

Lessons In Love

Valentines day is fast approaching and everywhere you look you are reminded about love and all the singletons are starting to post pictures with witty comments. No matter what your love life situation is I wanted to write a post with my tops lessons and things every girl should remember (or guys this can work both ways!) I have been through enough bulls*** I could be the next Jeremy Kyle so lets do this... 

1) I Don't Do Potential

Excuse my language but screw potential. If you are thinking of changing something about him/her wether it is clothes, hair, personality then good luck it just doesn't happen. You should like the person as they are, because if you want to change them that means you don't actually like them as they are right now. You will also find they won't ever live up to your expectations because what you actually want them to be is an idea not reality. So if you start saying things in your head like 'well maybe with me I can get them to ..." etc then to me thats a sign to revaluate the situation.

2) Know What You Need

This is fundamental to know before you get into a relationship. You know you best so think what kind of person you want to spend your time with. I am extremely career driven however I keep my career and personal life extremely separate. I need someone who lets me do what I want with career stuff even if it is some crazy idea but will always support me and not stop me. I also know I need someone who listens and is confident and can take control in a good way. Like any girl I think we want the other person to make us feel safe and looked after. So just think 'what kind of person are you' and what qualities are important to you. Also know what you don't want, like for me if a guy is not manly or can't take control of a situation i'm like byyyyeee.

3) Don't Settle

This speaks for its self. Don't settle in a relationship just because you want to be in one. Also don't settle for someone if they arn't what you want. Sometimes things are worth the wait. Respect yourself and know you deserve better.

4) Love yourself before someone else

If you want to feel at ease and yourself around anyone in life you need to be happy in yourself. Once you are happy within yourself it will radiate through! You will also know that other person really does like you and that will make you feel even better! So make sure your happy in your own life before you let anyone else intimately in. 

These are just my top lessons I have learnt. I have hundreds more so if you want a lesson in love part 2 let me know! 

Have a great day!

Ivy x

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