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So I recently posted my 'Rode Reads' post not so long ago. If you haven't seen it you can click here to see what is on my reading list. Well I have finished one of the book and it's time to review it!

Love Tanya is a biography/ knowledge book. Tanya shares her life thoughts and tips and the first thing I noticed was it is incredibly easy to read. The book layout is perfect for a coffee table read. You can pick the book up for just 5 minuetes and get a good read! 

Things I loved ..

1) The Sections.
The book is well split up into catorgories. This is great because I feel the book doesn't have to be read in order. You can pick and choose which section you want to read first. So you can read about makeup but if you feel more in a fashion mood you can read about fashion. 

2) Your Involved.
In every section there are pages for you too write your own thoughts in. Personally I don't think I will use this feature however I thought it was a lovely touch! If you are someone who loves to write down your favourite things in lists then you might like this. I also think it is nice to read someone elses thoughts and then reflect on your own.

3) Top 10
This kind of links with the last point but I loved how she listed her favourite products or places or books etc. I love things like this because it widens my knowlegde of other things and gives me inspiration to try new things. 

4) The Recipes 
This was such a nice touch because this defiantly is a big part of Tanya. Tanya is known to create some amazing treats on her youtube channel and I think it was nice to include the recipes in the book! I already have my eye on some! 

5) A Bit Of Everything
After reeading this book I was left feeling like I got 6 books in one! Not only are you getting a biography but you get knowledge on many subjects such as beauty, fashion, skincare, food, health and mind. There really is something for everyone! 

Things I wasn't so keen on

1)The Size
Now this is sweet and sour. Sweet because the book is a lovely size and weight if you use it as a decorative piece in your living room or bedroom and like I have said on your coffee table. However this isn't a book you can take around easily. I find it particulary heavy for travel and it is rather large to easily slip in your bag.

Besides that I can't think of any more negatives. The book is a great read for young teens - young adults. Another thing I love is the book is extremely positive! She should be extremely proud of what she has accomplished. She deserves all the success she has gained and more and I hope she continues to grow and hopefully write a sequel! 

Let me know your thoughts!?

Ivy x

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