Thursday, February 05, 2015

RODE REVIEWS | LUSH Cupcake Facemask

I am a LUSH lover it's no secret.. I actually have resisted buying the Cupcake facemask for a while because I didn't like the idea of putting anything chocolate like on my face. However recently I felt like a dare devil and picked it up to try!

It was nothing like I was expecting. I was expecting a really creamy consistency which was soft and would glide off easily. No this mask has a grain to it which makes it gently exfoliating which I love! Most people say they love the smell because it is like chocolate but that confuses me. I don't know if I got a dodge one but mine did not smell like chocolate and to be honest I am not mad on the scent.

It applies easily and I find you can get a nice even layer. It dries pretty quickly and it doesn't hurt the skin as it hardens. I also found it very easy to wash off and like I said I love the exfoliating touch!

After washing it off my skin felt so soft! I also found it hasn't broken me out. I would say I noticed a massive difference but I can't say anything negative on it except from the smell which is a personal preference.

This is a mask you have to keep in the fridge and one plus is it keeps well. I find some of the fresh masks very demanding and you have to make sure you use it in the time period, however with this one I think you can stretch the time a little further!

I wouldn't run back to the shop to get another one like I would for The Mask Of Magnaminty. However I would defiantly purchases this mask again!

Final Verdict:
It's worth a try! If you have troubled skin I would defiantly give this a go because it is meant to be great for acne prone skin!

What's your favourite LUSH mask?

Ivy x

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