Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Retreat Cafe - SOHO | RODE REVIEWS

It's a Yogic Secret! Attached to TriYoga SOHO this cafe is all about food which is great for your health! What's my verdict and experience?

First Impression:

- It was hard to find as it seems tucked away but just get yourself to TriYoga and then you will see it! It is on the top level of Kingly Court.
- It is small! The cafe itself is small and there isn't a huge choice of seating. Along with this it means the options are limited. So do not expect a huge spread of food to choose from!
- It has that 'Healthy' feel. I love this because there is a lot of wood and the whole place feels organic which is big points from me.

The Experience:

- Being someone who is allergic to Wheat and does't touch animal milk this cafe was great for my needs. They even had coconut yogurt which I was impressed with! I was able to have a almond milk Cappuccino and for lunch I choose a raw courgette pasta dish.
- First down fall was it is cold or nothing. They do not have any way to heat up food so it has to be cold. I was a little disappointed by this as I would have liked my meal hot, however I still enjoyed the dish. This is nothing major as this is part of what they do but it is something to keep in mind!
- Second down fall was even though I was able to have a dish which suited my needs there really was only 2 options besides the soup.
- I loved the presentation. The coffees came up on a gorgeous wooden plate!
- Portion size was great and the food did fill me up.
- Coffee size was really good!

The Final Verdict:

It was 'nice'. I give nothing but my honest opinion. I had higher hopes for the cafe however I did not have a terrible experience. The food was nice but nothing wowed me. I am used to eating this kind of food 24/7 so it was nothing out of the ordinary. I loved my coffee, it was great size and tasted great. I would have liked my meal hot or at least had that option, especially since we are in winter! The ambience was pleasant but it feels more like a pick up and go kind of place.
So with everything being said I would go back again to maybe pick up a coffee when passing however I would not choose to go back to eat or even sit down to do work.
Honestly in my opinion it isn't a place I say 'you must visit' but if you want to do a yoga class and then have a coffee with a friend after it is perfect!

Let me know your thoughts if you have been!

Ivy x


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  2. I got to Kingly Court quite a bit but have never stumbled across this place. It is a shame you were disappointed. I love the wooden coffee things <3 RW x

    1. You may like it, maybe go with the intention for a coffee and check it out. If you like the look of it you can always go for lunch :) It just personally didn't suit what I was after x

  3. Such a shame you weren't blown away by it lovely, the food and coffee looked amazing! I know what you mean by "pick up and go" places... sometimes it can lessen the atmosphere with people going in and out constantly. Lovely post though :)


    1. It was a nice cafe and great if you are into health and nutrition which I am, however I think I just had higher hopes for it after reading about it before hand! It is so small! Great for a coffee :)

      Glad you liked the post
      Ivy xx


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