Friday, March 20, 2015

All About My Hair + Growing Your Hair Fast Tips

New video! Today I have uploaded my 'All About My Hair' video! In this video I cover every angle! From colour and cut to how to tips on how to grow your hair fast!

Hello Everyone!

Phooarrh this video was a killer to edit! I have managed to tune a 50 mins video into 13 mins! I really hope you find this video helpful/ enjoy it! My hair has got so much healthier in the last couple of months and it has grown like crazy!

I have colour treated hair and I have been many colours in the last 2 years. So this haircare routine really works for me to keep my hair in good condition and keep it on its way to the ideal hair I would like.

The key is minimal heat and how you brush it! I am going to let the video do all the talking!

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Have a lovely day my beauties!

Ivy xo



  1. useful video :)

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  2. gorgeous :)

  3. You are soo gorgeous!! (: Thanks for that video, your tips are really helpful.

    Nati xx


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