Thursday, March 05, 2015

Blogger & Vloggers Of The Month | February

Who have I been watching and reading?! Read More to find out!

I actually got this idea from 'Dizzybrunette3'. She recently posted a blog post (link here) talking about her favourite bloggers and vloggers and I really loved the idea! I completely agree with her and I think there is no harm sharing other peoples content as it doesn't lessen yours. That post was actually the post which urged me to follow her! I also love the idea as it helps you find new blogs and new youtubers which sometimes can be hard!

So let's talk BLOGGERS! 

1) Dizzybrunette3 - Of course she is first as she sparked this post however I am enjoying her blog! Her blog is based around beauty + fashion however she does through some other content in the mix! She also has a youtube channel which you can find the link on her blog!

2) 'A Girl And A Beauty Blog' - Great for all things beauty! She gives great reviews and I have also found some food recommendations from this blog too!

3) 'Lily Pebbles' - I have loved Lily's blog since I started blogging. Her reviews are always great and I trust her opinions! My favourite series from her is 'Wear Life Eats'! You must check it out! Lily also has a youtube channel! Also love the new blog design Lily!

Ok so now the VLOGGERS!

1) 'Casey Holmes' - Forever one of my favourite beauty vloggers to watch! Not only is she extremely talented in makeup artistry but her personality is the! She is so down to earth in her videos and I feel she is 100% herself. I also have a similar sense of humour to her so she cracks me up! Oh and she is gorgeous!!

2) 'Amelia Liana' - Another one of my favourite youtubers! She always makes me laugh and I just think her personality is so loveable! She also creates great video content and what I love is she always keeps it real! TMI talk at its best! She also has a great blog so check that out too!

3) 'Marissa Lace' - I love Marissa's main channel videos but today I am talking about her vlog channel. ADDICTED. If I see she has uploaded a vlog it is defiantly the first video I click to watch in my subscription box! I just love the girl. She is honest, real and gives out such a good message to any one watching. Also she is so funny! Love love love her and her little family (Brody & Hayley her dogs)! Go check her out!

If you check out any of these girls say I sent you! I also hope you find a new blog or youtuber from this post!

Do you have any favourites! Comment below!

Have a great day!

Ivy x

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