Monday, March 09, 2015

Deliciously Ella | RODE RECOMMENDS

This book is a must in my kitchen! Here is why it is worth your money!

I was recently given this book as a gift and I could not have been happier as I actually had my eye on it! Ella Woodward (also known for her youtube channel, click here) has come out with her first cook book and it is simply amazing! There is not one recipe which does not work with my diet which is my favourite thing about it as it gives me so many options! The book is all about clean eating.

In this book you can find dips and breads to main meals to deserts and so much more! She also includes menu options for different occasions which I thought was such a lovely touch! Throughout the book Ella also shares her knowledge and life stories and you can read about individual ingredients and learn why they are important in your diet and what health benefits they give you.

All the recipes are incredibly easy and they are not overwhelming like some recipes where it seems you need 100 ingredients! Ella is all about good food which is only going to benefit your body! Like she says best 'count goodness not calories'! It is all about moderation.

Sweet deserts made without refined sugars which are gluten free, wheat free and dairy free? That has to sell this book to you right?!

You are what you eat and what you put on the inside reflects on the outside! I 100% stand by this book and what Ella promotes so I wanted to share this with you all and maybe this may be something you would be interested in! Especially if you are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle!

Where you can find Ella

Have a great day!

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