Monday, March 02, 2015

FebINSTA | Diesel Head Office, Clubs, Food + More!

What did I do in February? I can't even remember myself so lets look back!

1) Caught up with a school friend at Pizza Express. You know the dinners first ones in and last ones out! So much to catch up on but it is like you saw them yesterday!

2) I defiantly didn't actually stay in bed but this month I have taken a small breather. I am trying to work a lot out! All great stuff but there is so much I want to do and only 24 hours in a day! Some times we need to re charge! 

3) This month I have been eating out more than usual and trying new places, Cafe's and restaurants! I paid a visit to 'The Retreat' where this picture was taken. I also checked out 'The Banana Tree' and 'Leon'. Click the names to see my full reviews on each restaurant/ cafe.

4)I baked a banana! My mum surprised me with the Deliciously Ella cook book on Valentines day (aww how cute of her). I was desperate to make something in the book that night (something sweet of course) and the baked banana recipe fitted the bill with the ingredients I had at home!I baked the banana and filled it with chocolate then added some vanilla ice cream (vegan!) and sprinkled with some nuts! Amazing! 

5) I went to the Diesel Head Office. Before you think I went for anything fancy to be honest I didn't! My dad has a small retail business back where I grew up in Kent and Diesel is one of the brands he stocks. So this means I get to to tag along to the buying sessions and this day I checked out the AW15 and not going to lie order a few things for myself! The office is gorgeous!!

6)Finally got my sunnies out! Let's all jump up and down the sun is coming out! 

7) Attended a friends 23rd birthday in Cafe De Pairs! Just a great night out with friends! If you want to see my video showing my CLUBBING SURVIVIAL GUIDE then click the link!

8) I am trying to work out my Instagram theme! I kind of am excepting the fact having no theme is my theme because I can't stop changing my mind!! 

9) Lastly it was my mums birthday! We had a lovely day and if you want to see what we got up to I posted a GRWM/ FOLLOW ME AROUND on my channel! Click the link!

It was shorter month with 28 days however it was a great month! 

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What did you get up to?

Ivy x

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