Tuesday, March 17, 2015

How To React When Your Face Reacts | Allergies

I was planning to write a beauty post today but that all changed when my body decided to have an allergic reaction. Dam you wheat.

When I say reaction I am talking small spots appearing on my forehead (kind of in a cluster) and conveniently the 4 biggest ones form a square.. it's like connect the dots! It basically is a small rash. Woo yay get that sexy image of me out of your head! My immediate reaction was to be depressed about it because I take a lot of care with my skin to keep it clear. However I have now accepted it and it doesn't bother me as much. So today's post I am going to share with you..


1) Accept it.
It is only natural to at first feel some kind of anger/ frustration/ depression on having a reaction on your face. However the sooner you realise it has happened and there is nothing you can do except treat it and let it fade the calmer you will feel inside. Accepting the issue (crazy as it seems) makes you feel better and actually will help the situation, as stressing can only cause the possibility of more spots!

2) Continue With Your Day.
Just because you have some spots on your face should not stop you from having a good and productive day. Remember there is other people out there in far worse situations than you and your stressing over some spots! Get it into perspective. What I have done today is I have got ready as normal and when it comes to makeup I just left my forehead clear to go onto my next pointer!

3) Treat It.
I am actually sitting here writing this post with a forehead spot treated with aspirin! true story. You want to calm the area and reduce the inflammation. There are many different natural remedies you can use but the one I also go to is aspirin. I crush up an aspirin and mix it with a couple drops of water to make a paste and I spot treat the area. The aspirin acts as an anti-inflammatory and reduces the redness and the size of the spot. It also has salicylic acid in it which helps break the spot down. I have a full video on natural remedies I use which you can see by clicking here! 
Also drink up! Go OTT with the water! You want to flush it out your system. Toxins are what is causing the spots! When your body reacts it releases antibodies and this is what is coming out through your skin, so flush flush flush!

4) Watch What You Eat.
When I have had a reaction I always make sure I stay safe with what I am eating. Now is not the time to try a new food product as you want to make sure your system is 100% back to normal. Eat clean nutritious foods and take care of your body from the inside as this is what reflects on the outside, i.e the reaction!

5) Get some fresh air.
Staying in all day hiding away is actually not going to fix the problem! Getting fresh air is great as your skin needs it to function, so just gently apply some concealer (nothing heavy) and get out! Go for a coffee or for a walk!

6) It will go!
This time next week it would have left your face and you will look back and think why did I let that affect me so much! So my biggest tip is to accept it, face it and move on!

I hope you found this post helpful or encouraging in any way! This morning my attitude towards my mini outbreak was far from positive but I thought 'wow Ivy get over it!' I had plans to go to a yoga class tonight and my first thought was 'I am not going', however now I will defiantly be there tonight in my downward dog hahaha!

Have a great day!

Ivy x

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