Saturday, March 14, 2015

Taking Off The Pressure | RODE RAMBLINGS

So everyone in my personal life knows when I set a goal for myself I have to reach it. It is just something which is natural to me, I don't see any other option. It is one quality about myself I truly do love however there are times when I can be my own hurdle.

First and for most I am a Singer/ Songwriter + Actress. That is without a doubt what I want to do in life it is the kind of passion where thinking of doing anything else makes me feel a little sick! I am also a professional dancer and I have a part time job. I started my beauty channel and blog because I just love it. I have watched videos and read blog posts since I was in college maybe even earlier so that is a good 5 years or more. To me it is a fun hobby! I love playing around with makeup and filming videos and writing about cafe's I have visited and to help at least one person out is amazing to me! That is why my channel is called Ivy Rode Extra. It is an 'extra' part of me.

Back to the point.. The more I have got into this the more pressure I am putting onto myself. I set myself a schedule which I did a post on when I came up with it and I was trying to get out 3 blog posts a week and at least 1 maybe 2 videos a week. What I am getting to is at this moment in time it just is not working for me. I need to take the pressure off. I am not going to get too deep into this I just wanted to write a post to get it off my chest because really my blog is just an online diary and I let people read it!

This does not mean I am stopping! This just means I do not have set days for posts any more. When I have something to post I will and some weeks I may have more time than others but for now it is going to be very relaxed and no pressure! The same goes for my youtube. I am still going to post one video a week however it will be posted on whatever day works best for me.

To be honest not that much changes for you reading this or watching my videos but this is a big change for me and my sanity! haha

Rode Rambling over! :)

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Ivy xx

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