Thursday, March 19, 2015

What's Eating Your Phone Data?!

I discovered why my internet data on my iPhone goes so quickly and I immediately wanted to write this post to share what I discovered!

So I currently have a 7GB allowance of date on my phone. That's a lot of data! I used to be on 2GB and had no problem so when I upgraded to 7GB I thought woo I don't ever have to worry about going over! Boy was I wrong. 

Here are a couple of tips so you can learn from my mistakes and check for yourself you are not using unnecessary data! 

TIP 1 - Make sure your personal hotspot is turned OFF! Last month I left mine on and people around me were using my internet so I had a lovely surprise of an extra £50 to pay onto of my phone bill!

TIP 2 - Go to your cellular data settings and if you scroll down you can see all the apps which are using your cellular data in the background. Wether it is receiving emails or notifications or using the internet in any way you need to go down the list and turn off the ones you don't use. This just means when you are out and about your phone is not using that app. There are so many pointless ones like photo apps etc which really don't need to be on so go through that list! 

TIP 3 - Under settings go to 'iTunes & App Store' and turn off automatic downloads or any of the options under this heading if you know you don't need them on. I turned all my off as I can wait till I have an internet connection at home to get these updates. 

TIP 4 - Music and Videos are the enemy! They use so much data! So try not to use Youtube for example when you are using your cellular data. I use 'Spotify' so my tip is to make sure you enable all you songs offline. This means you can still listen to all you music without using your cellular data.

TIP 5 - This is an obvious one but use a solid internet connection when ever you can. Nowadays most places have a connection you can use. So make sure you check that out!

I hope these tips help you out and save you some data! I woke up this morning with a warning I am about to go over my data. So I learnt these tips myself this morning and I am straight on my blog to share them with you! 

Does anyone else have any other tips ?

Have a great day!

Ivy xo

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