Friday, April 24, 2015


Need help feeling comfortable and confident in the gym?? Read more!

Hello my loves!

So a few weeks ago I signed myself back onto my gym. I have been watching a lot of 'Marissa Lace' and 'Nikki Blacketter' to name a few on youtube and I feel so motivated on the fitness front!

Now I know the gym can be intimidating. Especially if your like me and want to lift weights etc and your surrounded by big mucho men. So today I am going to talk through a couple of tips which hopefully with help you stand your ground and feel CONFIDENT & COMFORTABLE in the gym.

1) Attire.
First things first, before you even enter the gym, what are you wearing? I am very comfortable in my skin however, when I am in an area which I am trying to better myself personally I do not want everything out for everyone to see, by this I am talking about the stomach area. Your mind needs to be focused on what you are doing and not on what people might be thinking looking at you. Saying this I would opt for a pair of leggings/ shorts and a loose vest/ tank top. Go for comfort! You can still look good!

2) The Sports Bra
Make sure you get yourself a good sports bra you feel great in. For my bigger knockers ladies get a bra which has great support and you feel like the girls are fully supported! You don't want stretch marks or sagging from running without support! For my flatter chested ladies (like myself) I like to go for a bra which still feels supported however I like a bra with a little padded support to help give me shape and still feel like a women and not a little boy!

3) Plug In
I like to plug in my headphones and get the task done! I find plunging your headphones in blocks distractions out and you can really get in the zone. It is all about focusing on what you are doing not what others around you are doing.

4) Make up.
When I was 18 I would wear not a scrap of make up to the gym however as I get older for my own confidence I do like to hide the horrible purple/ blue tones under my eyes! This is a personal preference if you feel confident without makeup go you! If you are self conscious then put a little concealer and mascara on or do what ever makes you feel great! Remember though boys do not like a girl plastered in makeup at the gym! So try and go for a natural look! Not the time for the red lipstick or a smokey eye aha! Also wearing too much makeup could attract more unwanted attention!

5) Have A Plan.
I think this is a great tip. Before you go to the gym have a rough plan of what you want to do. Look up on youtube some exercises or machines you would like to try and if you find a workout plan you like great! Don't be afraid to write it on a piece of paper or on your phone because I see a lot of boys and girls do it! You will also avoid walking around the gym lost if your are prepared before hand!

I will leave it at 5 tips today! I am going to start doing more health and fitness posts so be on the look out for those! I hope this post helped you! Remember everyone is there for the same reason and they were once a newbie too! Everyone in the gym is trying to better themselves and they are in the zone too!

Lets get fit together!

Have a great day!

Ivy xo

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