Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Health Food Dash #1

I feel like I am forever in Wholefoods or As Nature Intended! What did I pick up on this trip?

1) COYO Vanilla Yoghurt.
I have tried this many times before. It is by far my favourite dairy free yoghurt! You can buy the pots in 3 different sizes and in many different flavours! My personal favourites are vanilla or mango. Each pot is dairy free, vegan, soya free, no added sugar, lactose free and gluten free

2) COYO Raw Chocolate Ice Cream.
I have not tried this brand for ice cream before so it was about time to give it a go! I have mentioned in the past my favourite dairy free ice cream is the 'Hunky Punky Chocolate' by Booja Booja so I decided to get Raw Chocolate so I can compare the two. I must say Booja Booja wins however this ice cream is still great! The coconut flavour is quite strong. Each pot is dairy free, gluten free, soya free, egg free, lactose free and vegan. You can find the ice cream in many other flavours too!

3) Pro Fusion - Chia Peanut Butter Crunchy.
I usually opt for almond butter over peanut butter however this jar intrigued me. The mix of the nut butter and chia appealed to me and then I saw it was crunchy and I was sold. I must say I do love it! It takes me back to being a kid when I would have peanut butter and banana sandwiches after school. I also like the fact there is no added salt! I will keep buying almond butter however this is nice once in a while!

4) Medjool Dates
I decided to pick up a few dates as Ella Woodward from 'Deliciously Ella'  mentions them a lot.  I have tried dates in recipes however I have never tried one on its own so I bought a couple to pair with my nut butter. WHY have I not tried this sooner?! Obsessed! They are gorgeous! Especially with the nut butter you get that salty and sweet mix and it really hits the spot!

5) Amisa Gluten Free Four Grain Porridge
Porridge is one of my favourite foods to eat! This means I am forever trying different oats and brands. I noticed the Amisa Porridge and picked it up to try. As the name states it is four grain and those grains are oat, millet, amaranth and buckwheat. Everything is organic and is gluten free, wheat free, wholegrain, vegan, dairy free and has no added salt. I still prefer rolled oats as I prefer the consistency however this is still nice and does the job!

I purchased all items from 'As Nature Intended'.

I hope you all had a lovely Easter but now its time to get off the chocolate and get the health kick going again!

Do you have any health food favourites?

Ivy xo

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