Friday, April 10, 2015


Got something to cover but you don't want to wear foundation? This post is for you!


I am hear to tell you about the video I posted yesterday! HOW TO COVER ACNE/ TROUBLED SKIN WITHOUT FOUNDATION.

Lucky me I had an allergic reaction over the weekend which caused my face to erupt! Small red spots all over my face! At first I didn't want to film and I wanted to wait for it all to clear but then I thought what a good opportunity to film this type of video. In this video I show you how I cover anything which needs to be covered and I also go through some tips and tricks to help the healing process!

When you have troubled skin what ever your case may be you always feel alone and think 'why me' however majority of us get it! So lets talk about it and help beat it!

I really hope this video helps! Please share any tips of your own as well in the comments!

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Ivy xo

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