Friday, April 03, 2015


So March what did you look like?

Lets get straight to it! What did I get up to in March?

1) I started to try something other than porridge for breakfast! I decided to give Acai bowls a try! Result.. Loved it! In this picture I toped it off with some orange wedges, chia and flax seeds.

2) Mother's day! It was Mothers day which I am sure you were all aware of! If you are reading this mum I love you a million +1!

3) I found my shopping cart asethetically pleasing! I was doing my weekly shop and realised 80% of food I buy is veg! Some great colours for a great picture though!

4)  I know in this picture I am drinking coffee as per! However this picture was taken the day I got my new camera! I bought myself the Canon G7X and I love it! I vlogged this day so remember to check it out!

5) Deliciously Ella. I have really been into her book and youtube this month. I have been trying so many of her amazing recipes my personal favourite being her granola and the dates with almond butter! YUM. I have done a full review on her book!

6) St Patricks Day! Things got a little green in March! I filmed an inspired look for St Patricks Day and I really loved the way it turned out! The look is also great for the coming seasons so scroll below to check it out!

7) I filmed my 'All About My Hair' video. This has been on my to do list for a while and last month I finally sat down and filmed it! I managed to get an hours worth of rambling into 12 minutes! Pretty proud of myself there haha.

8) Me time. Last month I felt the urge to have some me time more than normal. I have been trying to read more and come away from the computer screens earlier at night. I would call it 'recharging my batteries'.

9) Lastly there was lots of giggles! This picture was from when I met one of my best friends for a coffee and a catch up! Laughing is key in life and my best friend NEVER lets me down!!

Did you get up to anything exciting in March??

Here's to April I am so ready! Let my birthday month begin!!

Ivy xo


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  1. Complete breakfast/food envy with that acai bowl, my food never fails to look totally unpresentable and plonked on the plate, ha! Great post lovely, had no idea you had a channel too, off to stalk your vids now ;)



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