Thursday, April 02, 2015

Natural Health Magazine | Rode Recommends

A spontaneous change.. and I love it!

So yesterday whilst popping into Sainsbury's to return a hair dye I decided to pick up a magazine. I was searching through the racks and nothing seemed to grab me. I feel like magazines always say/ look the same and I buy one for the sake of it to look at pictures. I was contemplating buying this months issue of Vogue and then I thought actually no because none of the stories truly appealed to me, like I said it is all so 'samey'.

Before I went home I drove round to 'As Nature Intended' to pick up some things and at the checkout I saw 'Natural Health'. I had flicked through the pages the week before at the checkout and I remembered thinking to myself 'this seems like a good read' however It was too late after checking out. So this time I decided to give it a go!

I. Love. It.

It is so different to the normal fashion/ beauty magazines. As the name suggests it is filled with natural products and food recipes and it has some great articles. I found the magazine extremely inspiring and there was not one article which I didn't fully read. The magazine just seemed real.

Don't get me wrong I love fashion and beauty and flicking through the pages of vogue and looking at pictures to get inspo but with this magazine I learnt so much! It covers everything on looking after your body and this is what people need to read more of! I just found it refreshing!

So I highly recommend you give this a read! It is only £3.99. Try something different for a change! Or get your fashion mag AND this one ;)

Have a great day!!


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