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So as the title suggest these are some photos I took whilst I was in Paris and they have just been sitting on my computer! I have decided to put a selection of my favourites together to give you a photo diary of my trip! I hope you enjoy these pictures! 

P.s scroll to the bottom of this post and see my top recommendation in Paris!

Rode Recommends:

To Drink & Eat:
Bar Du Marche - Set on the corner of rue de buci you without fail experience the Parisian lifestyle.
Little Italy - Sadly I can not eat here anymore as they do not offer gluten free pasta, however if you are a pasta lover this restaurant is a MUST!
Amorino Ice cream - I know they have these in the UK however there is just something different about having an Amorino in Paris. They also serve dairy free options! I am drooling at the thought!

To Shop:
Bon Marche is a great place to walk around. It is pretty up market (Like Harrods or Selfridges) but great for a rainy day!
The back streets of Hotel De ville. These streets are filed with gorgeous shops! If you love interior design you will love some of the shops in this area! There is also a natural food store called 'Naturalia'.
Another favourite of mine is the back streets behind Les Halles shopping mall. There are some great restaurants to grab lunch!

To Do:
In the summer there is a 'fake beach' called Paris Plages which is set up along the seine. The road is shut off for a few months and there are so many activities and events happening as well as stalls! Amazing on a hot summers day!
Roller skate! Grab some skates and explore the city! When I was younger this was one of my favourite things to do! If skates aren't your bag then jump on a bike! Jardin du Luxembourg is a great place to go!
Obvious attractions are museums and the Eiffel Tower!
Along the seine to the left of Pont Neuf bridge there are a couple of pet shops. They sell puppies in these pet shops and even though it is horrible to see animals in cages I can not lie and say your heart just melts when you see the puppies! You will want to take them all home!

These are just a few of the places I love! If you are off to Paris soon or plan to go then I hope you have a wonderful time and really capture the beauty of the city!

Have a great day!!




  1. Rainy days, huh? But looks you had fun :) Thanks for tips

    1. Yes nice to walk around :) No problem! thank you for commenting!
      Ivy xo

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