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How To Nail The Ultimate BBQ | FOOD

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It's summer so obviously that means time to get in the chilled out party mood! What better way to do it than throw a BBQ bash in your garden with your friends and family! BBQ's can become a weekly event so make yours set apart from the rest and add in some impressive touches!

The Ultimate BBQ Food Essentials!

Starting with the obvious the MEAT. This is a given but in many supermarkets they have some kind of deal on burgers etc this time of year. I know Marks and Spencers do a 3 for £10 deal so you can get some great quality burgers for only £10 I think it works out 16 burgers! The same goes for the sausages, chicken and other meats your heart desires! If you are needing gluten free then don't worry! They have those too!!

What about the VEGETARIANS?! It is a BBQ so you want everyone to feel they are at a BBQ right? I say make some veggie burgers! There are some great recipes out there for example Deliciously Ella has a great recipe! Now everyone can have a burger!

NIBBLES upon nibbles! At BBQ's we don't tend to hold back, it is like having 3 burgers isn't a lot! haha. So I say keep the nibbles light and easy to restock. You don't want to be stressing over cooking the main event with the added pressure of making sure everyone has nibbles while they wait! My go to is Crudites. Thinly Slice some carrots, cucumber, celery, peppers etc and pair with some homemade guac and hummus! Simple but so delicious! Also it makes everything feel a tad healthier!

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ANTI VEGETABLE GANG? There are always those guests who just do not want to touch a vegetable so do still have something to offer. I recommend toasting up some bread (quite a bit you want it crunchy!) and top with with a little butter, smoked salmon, a squeeze of lemon and a dash of pepper. This is great as you can pre prepare everything so if you run out it is a quick fix!

It is a BBQ so make sure you have the essentials KETCHUP, BBQ SAUCE and RELISH. Then get some added extras and maybe something with a spicy kick!

There are many routes to go with this but my favourites are ONIONS (for sausages) CORN ON THE COB (it's traditional) SALAD, and some ROASTED VEGGIES and if you really want to impress SWEET POTATO FRIES (drool). Also don't forget the burger extras!! I say keep it classic with CHEESE, TOMATOES, LETTUCE, GHERKINS and if you want to go for it BACON!

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Something to WASH IT DOWN. Get a massive bucket fill it with ice and place it in an accessible area. People tend to bring drinks with them to parties and to save you having to keep going back and forward to the fridge the bucket means they can dump their drink and it stays nice and chilled! Make sure you also have some drinks to offer! Always have soft drink options too! Some people might have to drive home! No alcohol for them!

You have bought the materials now you need to know how to serve it!


1) Use levels. Don't just put it all on a plate with no thought. With the crudites angle the veggies in different directions and also stand some up. It makes it far more pleasing to the eye!

2) Use sticks! Wooden always looks best! Use sticks to make chicken and veg skewers or any meat of choice. Also use sticks to hold food together i.e burgers. It looks great and saves the mess!

3) Colours. Think about the colours on the plate. This is why salad is a great side. You can fill it with rainbow veggies and it adds some great contrast on your plate!

4) Are your plates all the same? Try to have matching silverware and plates. This makes everything feel far more put together and not like you have been given the toddlers feeding plate! If you don't have enough plates get disposables. There are some great ones out there which don't look half bad and it also means no washing up!

5) Always end with a sprinkle. This may be a herb or a spice or pepper it really adds an extra something!

These are my tips for the ultimate BBQ! Do you have any tips?! If so let me know in the comments!

I hope you have a great BBQ!!



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