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Urban decay Review
In the last month I purchased one of the new Urban Decay Revolution High Colour Lip Glosses in the shade 'Kinky'. It is time to give you my thoughts!
To see the product in action scroll down to the bottom of the post!

Urban Decay Review

Urban Decay Review

I love the packaging personally. I think it is sleek and the textured glass makes the products feel expensive. I also like the applicator, I find it applies the product well and I have not experienced any issues with it.

Shade: 9/10
It is so close to perfect. I think the colour on its own is gorgeous! I find it a little more on the cool tone side and for my skin tone it is a great nude. The reason I have dropped a mark is because when I bought the Lip Gloss I was after a nude which really did look nude on me (that great Kim Kardashian nude you know what I mean!) My problem when finding nudes is many wash me out and it looks like I have concealer lips! In store I thought this was bang on however I think I could find a better colour. It seems darker the more I wear it. Never the less I still love the colour! Great for everyday use!

Application and Texture: 7/10
It glides onto the lips making it easy to apply and the product doesn't get everywhere so you have great control. The only down side for me is the texture once applied. I do feel it is a little sticky and you defiantly notice you have gloss on when you wear it. I can push past this however if you are someone who does not like that in a product I would bare it in mind!

Colour and Lasting Power: 8/10
The colour is highly pigmented which is great! You really do get a true colour! It also has great lasting power! Unlike some glosses even if the gloss starts to wear off the colour stays! I was extremely impressed with this. The only down fall is it does become a little tricky the more you apply in the day. With the sticky texture it can separate and build up in a areas the more you apply. My way around this is to wipe it off with a tissue and start again when you re apply. It doesn't make a mess however if this would bother you then keep that in mind!

Overall: 8/10
Overall I think it is a great line of Lip Glosses. The colour selection is great from nudes to brights! It doesn't blow me out of the water and I do not have an urge to buy more however I am very happy with the one I do have and I will get a lot of use out of it! If you have the cash to spend then give them a try however if it is a big splurge for you then I say give it a miss it isn't a necessary!

Product Details:
Colour Shown In Post - Kinky
Price - £15

I hope you enjoed this review! If there are any other products you would like me review please do leave them in the comments!

Have you tried this product? What are your thoughts?

Ivy xo


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