Monday, July 20, 2015

Travelling With Allergies | Around The Clock

Right it is time for another Allergy devoted post.

So as you may have seen I recently went to Dubai. For anyone who suffers with allergies travelling is always something which does make you feel a little anxious as you are unfamiliar with where you are travelling to.

Buffets + Breakfast

One problem I knew I had to face was the buffets. Before I knew about my allergies I was all over the buffets like I didn't know what a calorie was! haha. So this was a little like salt in the wound for me however I prepared myself. The problem with buffets is you can count on it that most items are cross contaminated! The food also tends to be loaded with unnecessary extras! It is so annoying but hey that's the way it is.
My tips:
1) Speak to a waiter and explain your situation. Remember they must have had thousands of guest with allergies before so they should be able to accommodate you. I was lucky enough that the chef prepared some food separate for me every morning! (extra tip - if that does happen I suggest giving the chef a tip at the end of your stay as this small gesture really makes a world of difference.)
2) If you find something which works stick with it. I ended up having gluten free toast every morning and then I would choose a different topping each day for example scrambled egg or tomatoes etc.
3) Make it yourself. I love granola in the morning however my problem was the oats were not safe for me to eat. So what I did was I made my own cereal. I mixed nuts and fruit and asked the waiter for some rice milk and I was happy as larry! (extra tip - you can always take food with you on holiday so pack some extra nuts and things which you can add into your food).
4) The nicer you are the more accommodating the staff will be. Always show your appreciation and you will find the staff are more likely to go that extra mile for you. They are working extra for you remember that so make sure they know how much it makes a difference to you.


1) Pick something up at breakfast and take it with you! Everyday I picked up an apple or some fruit to snack on if I got hungry later on.
2) Like I said in the breakfast portion you can always take certain food with you in your suitcase so I packed lots of Nakd bars and chia seed bars etc.

Lunch + Dinner

These two go hand in hand as they are similar. I would say pick which one you want your heavier meal to be and make the other meal a salad.
1) Do your research on the restaurants and find out which ones are more accommodating.
2) Let the chef know you are coming. I always liked to book the restaurant in the morning and leave a note on the reservation. For lunch time I also requested to speak to the chef at the beginning of my stay and then I could relax for the rest of the holiday and I knew if I ordered food around the pool it would be find for me to eat.
3) Don't be afraid to ask to take the left overs. I went to an amazing Mexican when I was on holiday and they made me gluten free tortilla chips, they were amazing! I could not finish them all so I thought why waste them and I asked the waiter and she boxed them all up for me including the left over ones in the kitchen!! The next day they made the perfect snack!
4) Just make it clear. I think when you are on holiday it is not a time to be shy when telling the staff about your allergies. The last thing you want is to eat the wrong thing and it ruin your trip. So be clear and you should be fine!

Extra tips

1) Before you even get on that plane make sure you have sent an email to the hotel letting them know about your allergies. This way they can get onto it before you arrive. Hotels also love to surprise you so the sooner they know the better the surprise for you.
2) Take some antihistamine with you which is for skin allergies and food allergies. I know for me If I react it comes through my skin so I take tabs which help fight against that if I did happen to eat something I shouldn't have.
3) You don't have to restrict your self with what you eat. Choose what you fancy on the menu however like I said make sure you are clear with the staff and choose dishes wisely.

This is all I can think of right now and this post is getting rather long!

I hope you found this helpful!

Safe Travels!


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